Our Team

Our Team

Kyle Anderson
Name: Kyle Anderson
Graduated: Bachelor of Arts with Honours, 2015
Program: Major in History, Minor in Religions and Cultures

Why I am unique: I have a passion for music and sports! I was formally in a band that toured across Eastern Canada and also provided on-air sports reports for the Kawartha Lakes Radio Station.

What I love about Nipissing: The tight-knit community, beautiful campus, small class sizes, and the relationships I have made with my professors. Knowing your professors on a first name basis and interacting with them inside and outside of the university cannot be undervalued. Plus, enjoying a coffee (or adult beverage) with them at the local pub is also fun!


Carla Tucker
Name: Carla Tucker
Graduated: Master of Education, 2015, Bachelor of Education, 2003 & Bachelor of Arts with Honours, 2002
Program: Combined Concentration of English and History, Intermediate/Senior Division

Why I am unique: After graduation I taught in Quebec and internationally then moved to a new career on Bay Street in Toronto. I love a big city but I’m a townie at heart.

What I love about Nipissing: The quality of the education is amazing. The course options are vast for such small school and the professors really care. I can’t speak more highly. I am biased though; all of my degrees are from Nipissing University.


Kyle Weatherall
Name: Kyle Weatherall
Graduated: Bachelor of Arts, 2017
Program: Combined Concentration of Philosophy and Political Science

Why I am unique: I was a member of the inaugural lacrosse team during my first year of study in 2012. We went on to receive admittance into the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA). During my last two years of study I captained the team and we made the playoffs for the first time in 2016.

What I love about Nipissing: Everything! But seriously, it is difficult to put into words the experiences that this incredible place provides. The land and the people are rich in providing opportunities for student to grow and manifest the life they’ve dreamt about.


John Picard
Name: John Picard
Graduated: Master of Arts, 2013 & Bachelor of Arts with Honours, 2012
Program: History with a minor in French

Why I am unique: I was published during my undergrad in a peer-reviewed journal, alongside Dr. Nestar Russell.

What I love about Nipissing: The opportunity to work closely with my professors and the interest they take in their students. Because of the interest professors took in me, I had a lot of opportunities in my undergrad that I would not have had elsewhere.


Kerry-Lynn Peltier
Name: Kerry-Lynn Peltier
Graduated: Bachelor of Arts, 2016
Program: Social Welfare and Social Development with a minor in Sociology

Why I am unique: After completing my degree, I was instantly hired by Enji giigdoyang: Office of Indigenous Initiatives as the Community Liaison & Development Coordinator. More importantly, after utilizing the services and supports available within Enji giigdoyang, I am able to share my stories of experiences, successes and networks to help inspire, encourage and highlight all the amazing opportunities that transpire from those who attended or who are attending Nipissing University. In other words, I Love Sharing Stories with Happy Endings!

What I love about Nipissing: I love the “Family Feeling” that exists within the walls and extends to the surrounding communities/organizations from the relationships built through Nipissing University.


Christopher Piekarski
Name: Christopher Piekarski
Graduated: Bachelor of Arts, 2015
Program: Combined Concentration of Sociology, and Social Welfare and Social Development

Why I am unique: Being a University and College graduate, I have a unique perspective on the post-secondary experience. As a proud alumnus, I cannot wait to talk about why Nipissing was perfect for me!

What I love about Nipissing: I was actively involved on campus during my time at Nipissing University; from being involved with the student union, Frosh Week, and clubs on campus, I was able to enjoy the variety of activities available to me as a Laker.


Meagan McLellan
Name: Meagan McLellan
Graduated: Bachelor of Business Administration, 2008 and Business Administration Diploma, 2006
Program: Human Resources Management

Why I am unique: After graduation I moved out west to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry before returning to my home town of North Bay.

What I love about Nipissing: Hands down, the people and the environment. I enjoy having the opportunity to talk to prospective students and their supporters about my experience at Nipissing and all it has to offer. Where else can you go for a quick snowshoe trek through the trails between classes? Also, we offer a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Scholarship, how cool is that?


Sarah Marinelli
Name: Sarah Marinelli
Graduated: Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2016, Bachelor of Arts, 2014, Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communication, 2012
Program: Marketing and Fine Arts

Why I am unique: I’m curious about everything, and have taken classes from just about every discipline within the University; from Computer Science to Criminology.

What I love about Nipissing: Because of the close relationships between the professors, the university, and the community I’ve had the chance to show my artwork in several local galleries and even at a conference in Toronto!


Valerie Edmunds
Name: Valerie Edmunds
Graduated: Bachelor of Arts with Honours and Bachelor of Education, 2011
Program: Geography with a minor in History

Why I am unique: My love of nature and being outdoors has lead to exploring much of North Bay with my sisters (who also came to Nipissing).

What I love about Nipissing: Having the opportunity to get involved in every aspect of the university community. I was shy in high school, but at Nipissing I was able to come out of my shell by volunteering on and off campus and meeting new people in class and at events.


Dawn Lamothe
Name: Dawn Lamothe
Graduated: Bachelor of Arts Honours
Program: Combined Concentration of Gender Equality and Social Justice, and Social Welfare and Social Development with a minor in Fine Arts

Why I am unique: I don’t think I go a day without laughing! I try to find the humour and positive in every situation. I have learned people will never forget how you made them feel, and a little kindness and respect goes a long way.

What I love about Nipissing: We are so fortunate to live on this beautiful land that is Nipissing First Nation territory. I can’t imagine how different my life could have been if I did not choose to go to Nipissing. I have made lifelong friendships here at Nipissing, had opportunities to meet great mentors culturally, and the relationships you forge with faculty does not compare to larger institutions. Since graduating, GESJ faculty have continued to mentor and share relevant opportunities with me. They have been partners on research grants, supported urban Indigenous community initiatives I have lead, and check in to learn and celebrate successes. Now that I am in Enji giigdoyang, the Office of Indigenous Initiatives, I hope I can help to guide and welcome students in the same way. Please stop by our office in F215!