A day in the life of a Business student

The life of a business student is fun, interesting, demanding but above all rewarding. I will take you through my busiest day of the week from wake up to bed. Keep in mind though, this is how my schedule looks, they are completely customizable to your own liking. The business program has a variety of courses offered at many different times.

I start my day off by waking up at 7:00 am to give myself enough time to prep for my 9:00 am class. The prep consists of basic hygiene, breakfast, a quick skim of what we will cover today (professors usually post their lecture slides on a program called Blackboard so you can follow along in class and listen rather than writing down the slides without listening) and dress nice and warm to wait for a city bus to shuttle us up to the school. In the morning Nipissing has one of the city buses continually loop from the residences to the school so we all get to school on time.

After getting to the school I go to my class in the A wing (the wing for most business classes) and sit in the lecture room about 15 mins early. The lecture rooms only hold 50 students but usually only have 30-40 which is amazing compared to most schools. The professor shows up usually 5 mins before we start and then will lecture for 1 hour and 30 mins which we get a 20 min break then another 1 hour lecture. Lectures are usually done with a slide show, elaborating on life experiences as most business professors have previous experience of the subject.

After the lecture I have 30 mins to eat something or grab a coffee before my next lecture in another room in the A wing. After my second lecture I go home on the bus to go cook something for dinner in our full sized kitchens supplied in residence. After my dinner I check blackboard for any more updates and head to a lecture lab. A lecture lab is an hour long and for me is in a computer room fully equipped with Apple Macs. This lab is to understand computer programs that help businesses run effectively and efficiently.

After my last class I go home to drop off my stuff but then right out the door to my volunteer commitment working as a medical first responder with St John Ambulance.

After all my commitments are done I go home, do some of the assigned readings and homework, relax with my room-mates then head to bed.

This day is considered very hectic for a business student, usually these classes are spread across the week more but I decided to schedule it this way to have Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

Overall I love the life of a business student, the lectures are great, the work is interesting and applicable to daily life (my one project in marketing was to watch tv and pick out advertising strategies). I wouldn’t trade my program for anything and I definitely wouldn’t trade schools either.

Markus Hawco
1st Year Bachelor of Business Administration