What I Miss about High School and Love about University

What do I miss about high school and love about university?

Reflecting back on the transition from high school to university sparks thoughts of what I miss about high school and what I love about university. I think during the transition period from high school to university it is important to not only cherish your last moments of high school and remember the things you love but also find reasons to look forward to your new fresh start at university.

What do I miss about high school?

I miss the ease of high school. I remember grade 11 and 12 to be fairly difficult as I had many essays and tests to complete. When I entered university I immediately missed the ease of high school. Despite this being said, university is not an insane feat, it just feels like it sometimes as I am now completely responsible for what I get out of lecture and my readings in university.

I miss the extracurricular’s from my high school. I tried a couple of different clubs in HS but my favourite club was the GSA (Gay-straight alliance) I was a member of. I ran cross country in grade 12 which I miss with a great passion. I miss these opportunities mostly because of the people although, I found a few new ones at university that I love. I am a first-year representative for the english department and I participated in some psychology studies which I found interesting.

I miss a lot of the people in high school. I miss seeing my high school friends everyday. I even miss those people that you just see in the hallway and know their face but not their name. The familiar faces everyday was a nice routine and I miss my classmates. I also miss a lot of my teachers as well. I knew with the transition that I would be leaving some people behind and finding new people to share my life with.

I miss my classes in high school. I had quite a few interesting classes in high school that I would love to go back in time and attend again. Of course, there are some courses I am ecstatic to have left behind. But I love university classes because they are specialized.

What do I love about university?

THE FREEDOM. University is usually the time when you’re moving off on your own and gaining freedom from parents and living (usually) with roommates. University is quite the experience because you really learn who you are by how you deal with this freedom. I just love not having to ask permission to do things (Hi mom).

Although, there is a new responsibility when moving out and being treated as an adult.  Most people are about 18 when they are in their first year which brings about legal responsibilities to act like an adult. Even though this bums some people out, I personally love the new responsibilities in my uni-life. A huge difference between high school and university is how your teachers/professors treat you. Some teachers in high school give you freedom to run with, but others are strict. In university your professors don’t try to control your actions (other than the odd prof that gets upset with abusing technology in lecture). Your professors treat you like an adult because you are an adult.

I love the specialization in subject in university. Although, first year is still a pretty general year it gives you room to choose your major (goodness knows that I have changed my mind 1,000,000 times). But I love being able to point to a subject and say “There. This is my specialty” and loving every minute of my majors’ classes because I love my subject.

Grades are weighed out so I know exactly what assignments and tests count for in my final grade. In high school it wasn’t weighed out like this too much, other than the percentage for the final exam and culminating activity. Knowing what things count for helps me prepare and organize my energy to focus on the most important tasks at hand so I can achieve better grades.

The idea of a fresh start is the final thing I love about university. Especially since I moved away from my hometown. University is a completely fresh start with brand new people. It gives you chance to re-evaluate and present yourself to people in the way you want to, to remove all of the biases from high school. People don’t know who you are. You are on your own. It’s all new and it’s a nice (yet nerve-racking) fresh start.

Enjoy your last moments of high school before you experience your new ones at university.

You’re going to love it.

Sarah Sceviour
1st Year Psychology & Philosophy major, English minor