A Day/Week In The Life As A Concurrent Education Student

A day in the life of a Concurrent Education student tends to be fairly busy, because you are taking two different degrees at the same time. However, in the long run, it is very rewarding.

My day typically starts with getting up around 7am to get ready for school, and since I live off campus, I plan my morning around the bus times. If you are wondering about bus routes and times, I can tell you that the buses run all over North Bay, and since there are so many students taking the bus at one time, they tend to have extra busses running for the majority of the day.

Once I get to school, I usually work for a few hours through the NUWork program. This work program is great because you have a job right on campus, your employer works around your school schedule, and if you have an overwhelming week of assignments and midterms, you can change your work schedule accordingly. For the employers involved in NUWork, they see that school comes first, and know education is important for every student.

Once work is finished, I attend one to three classes within the day, with one of the classes being Education. Education classes, for the primary/junior division, are very hands-on, and allow you to find who you are as a teacher. You can achieve this through creating many activities/lesson plans that you will be able to use in your future classroom. After four years of taking education classes, that were either curriculum methods, special education, language arts or education and schooling, I have learned many ways to teach a lesson with differentiation, how to integrate technology into the classroom, and so much more.  These classes have made me feel prepared to become a teacher, and a well-rounded person in and outside the classroom.

Between classes, I tend to hangout with friends, write out some notes, or prepare for the upcoming classes throughout the day.

Once classes are done, usually around four, I come home, make dinner, and do readings for the next day. This typically takes a couple hours, and as for the rest of the night, I do things I enjoy to make sure I create a balance between school-work and fun.

In a typical week, I have 6 courses, each course has 3 hours of lecture. This sounds like a lot, but in this program, completing two degrees at one time, you tend to be on overload every year. At first you may find this idea overwhelming, but once you get used to it, it is easy to manage.On the bright side, you will usually only have classes between Monday and Thursday, as you have the ability to create your own schedules every year, and have Fridays off!

On our spare time throughout the week, most people in this program usually volunteer with children or other individuals within the community.  I have found that by volunteering, you have a specific amount of time each week, where you can do what you are passionate about and in that short amount of time; you can forget about doing school-work and just enjoy yourself.

Overall, between school, work and volunteering, the program is very busy, but you meet amazing people that you complete this five-year program with, and work with in every education class. These people will start to become your family, and your support system as you go through the program. Looking back, I have really enjoyed this program, but it goes by so fast. Take advantage of the many opportunities that the program has to offer, like exchange programs or teaching in another country, because the time flies when you are having fun.

Meagan Wills
4th Year Concurrent Education (Primary / Junior) Psychology