The Biggest Changes In My life

There are a lot of dramatic changes that you experience once you enter university, especially Nipissing University. You are going to hear hundreds of times that university is a big change and you might become desensitized to this statement but for this post just hear me out. After all, I am a first year student and I was in your shoes last year. I came from a household where my parents did everything from cooking, laundry to sometimes even cleaning.

When you enter university, the way you live changes. You must be 100% independent. You make your schedule for school, you do the shopping, you do the cooking, the cleaning the laundry and you decide how you spend your time, be that wisely or not.

This is a lot of independence, because now you can eat whatever you like. By all means if you want to you can eat nothing but cookies…just don’t expect to see your toes by the end of first semester.

The biggest change for me, I think is more of a revelation. You always hear your parents say “do this” or “do that” and you do what they ask grudgingly. By the end of Frosh week I realized that everything my parents wanted me to do was not because they didn’t want to do it themselves but it was because someday I would have to…and more! You are in control, if you live in a clean suite or a dirty one, if you eat junk food or eat healthy, if you get high grades or alright grades, and if you spend your time wisely or just lay around. The choices are all there and no one is there to tell you no. Its a big change to suddenly switch to.

The biggest advice I can give anyone to cope with this change is for the first bit of university make your suite like home, clean it like you would, cook similar meals, follow old routines. After you follow this routine you can change things to make it your routine. In the end you are now an adult, you choose how to live, others can advise you as much as they’d like but you are independent. That is a big change regardless of how you look at it. Just survive the first few weeks and things will come naturally I promise, it will all work out.

Markus Hawco
1st Year Bachelor of Business Administration