Why I belong at NU

I have listened to so many adults talk about their university experiences, there seems to be a common trend among their reviews.

“That is where I met my lifelong friends”

“I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life”

“University was the best time of my life”

“Your 4 years will go by so fast, enjoy them”

I had grown up watching and admiring movies of people who were headed to post-secondary life, ready to explore the adult world. I had decided early, that I wanted this “picture perfect” experience. Now almost two years in, I don’t really think my experience has been “picture perfect” but it really has been unique, exciting and as cheesy as this sounds, amazing.

When I was deciding what school I could picture myself attending, I was drawn to Nipissing for a few reasons, campus size being one of them.  The small campus would ensure a smaller class size; I wanted to be more than a number in a large lecture hall of people. I chose Nipissing because of the beautiful residences, small town and reputation for student satisfaction. Its pretty safe to say that university is not how they depict it to be in the movies; they seem to leave out the essays, tests and lectures (haha). Even though my experience hasn’t been like one from the movies, I wouldn’t change anything if I were to do it again.

Nipissing is where I met strangers who would later become my family. It is the place where I am able to take classes from professors who know my name. It is also the place where I am discovering who I am and who I want to become. Nipissing has allowed me the opportunity to be part of something bigger; this city and school has become my second home. I was fortunate this year to be a don in one of the best residences in Ontario.  I am able to see first hand how much pride the students have in this school and community. I belong at NU because there is no other place like it.

I now understand the messages from others who have previously gone through this experience. The 4 years really do go by fast. Before you know it, it will be September and you will be embarking on a journey like no other. Nipissing and North Bay will soon become your second home. So, take pride in the fact that Nipissing is right where you belong.

Samantha Lee
2nd Year Social Welfare (BA), minor in Gender Studies