Hello there! Are you thinking of coming to Nipissing? Or maybe you’re a current student? Well let me tell you about my experience here so far, a day in the life of a BPHE student. I am in my second year of the BPHE program, and I’ll tell you why I think it’s pretty great. These are all just my personal opinions, so take them as you will, whether you chose to agree or disagree.

Perks of Being a BPHE Student:

  1. We proudly wear the title of “NUPHES”. The student body of Nipissing recognizes the Phys. Ed.  Students collectively as “NUPHES”, which stands for Nipissing University Physical and Health Education Students. We travel in groups from class to class and we are easily identifiable by our track pants, gym bags, and lively spirits.
  2. We are all best friends. “We are all best friends” was a chant at Frosh week 2013, but it’s not that far off. I have found students within my program especially hangout with one another because we have similar interests. We are social creatures; amongst the party-goers and socialites there are bound to be a few NUPHES. It just makes sense. NUPHES are outgoing and friendly people, and in my short time here I’ve already made friends among the upper year students and some first years. So if you’re thinking of starting here in September, welcome. It’s a great time.  As well, we are lucky that our program is hands-on in nature, as it allows us to interact with each other and get to know one another, which can be hard to do in classes with large lectures.
  3. We push each other. This goes along with #2, but the Phys. Ed. department is still fairly small, and you spend a lot of time with the same people. In the gym, many of us let our competitive edge come out, and that forces us to push ourselves to our full potential. In terms of academics, we want one another to do well. I’ve found in my year, we set up our own study groups together and help each other out in hopes we all pass our classes!
  4. The Profs are chill. Because the Phys. Ed. department is fairly new, we have young Profs. This works in our advantage because A) they bring fresh ideas to the table and the most recent research and B) it wasn’t that long ago they were sitting where we are, in our undergrad. They can relate!! Hallelujah, they’re people too.  Anytime I’ve gone to see a Prof for extra help or to go over what went wrong in a midterm, they have been helpful and understanding. University Profs can be quite intimidating at times, but have no fear they want you to succeed just as much as you want to succeed. Not to mention the infamous Dr. Hansen and his record-breaking marking skills.
  5.  We play sports for grades. Yes, this is real life. We still get “gym class” in university. Other programs like to chirp us for it, but they’re just jealous because we have all the fun. In the Phys. Ed. program at Nipissing, we have practicals, where we focus on one or two sports at a time for 6-12 week periods. These classes are focused towards practicing teaching skills by helping us create lessons plans and progressions in skills and drills. In my two years here, so far we have covered swimming, soccer, volleyball, badminton, basketball, dance, fundamental movements skills, canoeing, gymnastics, baseball, core strength, cross-county skiing, low organizational games, and lacrosse. As you can see, there are a wide variety of activities we learn about.
  6. All your friends are fit. This falls under stereotypes of Phys. Ed. kids, but it’s pretty true. Every time I go to the gym, there is at least one person I know there just working on their fitness. It’s really encouraging to see your friends doing well, and it motivates me to stay fit as well.

So, as you can see, Phys. Ed. is basically the best. We do have lots of fun, but we also learn a lot too. We have fun because we are interested in what we’re learning and are self-motivated individuals, so it doesn’t really seem like work. And if you’re struggling with a class, peers & Profs are always there to lend a helping hand, so it’s not so bad!

Stay frosty, North Bay.

Megan Fraser
2nd Year Bachelor of Physical Health and Education