The Ride

The school year is coming to an end, and with it goes my undergrad. When this exam period ends, I will have completed my undergrad and will go on to do my education degree next year in hopes of being a teacher. Which means that really, for me, the ride of university is almost done.

But not for you.

You, future Laker and change maker, have everything left to experience. The beauty of university is that it isn’t solely an education of book smarts. The experience makes you mature, it makes you wise, it makes you resilient and it makes you realize what the best parts are of yourself; and encourages you to find a way to share those with the school and the world.

Many of you have no idea what to expect when you arrive on campus. I can tell you with certainty that all the feelings you have, whether they are fear, anxiousness, excitement, sadness or joy, are all being experienced by the other first years (and the Dons too!) I can tell you that when you do get to university and move into residence, that you will be greeted by the nicest people on the face of the planet who will help you move in. They’ll even carry your mini-fridges so you don’t have to. They’ll show you to your room, introduce you to your roommates, get you to meet your floor and get you to meet new people. They will help start this long and exciting journey for you.

Where you go from there is entirely your own decision. Whatever you become passionate about, do it. I developed a passion for Residence Life, and was lucky enough to live there for 4 years and work there for 3 years. Through residence, I met amazing people and developed amazing friendships. Did I know I wanted to be a Don before I got here? Absolutely not. I took a chance though, and it paid off.

Aim big, you can do anything you want to do at Nipissing. With a little effort you can find people with similar interests as you. If you want to make a difference, you can do so at Nipissing.

Not everything at university is pretty. There are long nights, there are essays, there are difficulties and there are struggles. Along with this are fun nights, when you laugh so hard it hurts, there are great friends, there are opportunities and there are triumphs. It’s all a part of the ride.

A ride you get to start come September. So be excited, be open, be optimistic and get ready. The best 3-5 years of your life may just be starting in a few months, and you might not even know it.

Evan Gomes
4th Year Concurrent Education with Geography J/I, Residence Community Advisor, and Head Laker Maniac.