Coming Back Home

Three weeks ago, I started working for Nipissing University as a recruitment officer. After finishing my undergrad in 2010 and leaving the North Bay area for Southern Ontario, I realized that I missed the camaraderie and the friendliness of this institution. I missed the natural beauty and the great people in North Bay. I remember my alma mater with a smile and I am excited that I get to convince students that this is where they belong.

What a refreshing change of pace to return to NU! I came back to find a brand new library. Seeing its impressive architecture was exciting and fresh. To add to this, seeing the new developments to our athletic facilities made my head turn at all the vast improvements. These developments made me wish I were coming back to school to study again!

I love walking the hallways and being greeted with “good morning” instead of silently walking. I love getting a “thank-you” when I hold a door open instead of silence. Things have not changed and after meeting with various departments, I can tell you that the friendliness of all staff is truly refreshing and exciting.

I certainly think that every student should be considering Nipissing University as a place to study. At the very least they should be checking us out at our Open House, October 25th. Students may not think of us first, but once they are here, they cannot get us out of their minds. Rightfully so!

I’m most excited to tell more students about my experience, along with cheering on the Lakers soccer, basketball, volleyball and hockey teams this year!

Go Lakers!

Until next time,

Darryl Oliver