Advice for Midterms

It is so hard to believe midterms are coming up already! As a fourth year student, I like to think I am a little more prepared for this but something about tests never fails to make me nervous. Looking back on my first year at Nipissing I remember feeling extremely nervous about my first ever university midterms and exams. I’m no expert but I thought it may be helpful to share some of the things that helped get me through these past three years.

Obviously, my first recommendation would be to attend your classes. The PowerPoint slides and the textbook are great study resources but the professor will provide insight on how the test will be formatted and what areas to focus on. Going to class also gives you the opportunity to ask questions either during or after class to make sure you know what to expect heading into your test.

Secondly, never underestimate multiple choice. If your test or midterm is multiple choice format, be sure you know the material just as well as you would any other style of test. Many professors use this as an opportunity to see who really knows the material by using tricky wording and similar answer options. Get your friends to quiz you, or quiz yourself. My favourite way to study is to go over my notes a few times and then use cue cards to see what I can remember.

Always be sure to eat right and sleep well. I know those two things seem a little more challenging to keep under control as a university student but getting a good sleep and eating right will keep you motivated to study and help you concentrate come test time.

My last piece of advice for this time is to stay calm. In the grand scheme of things, one test is not worth freaking out about from the time you start studying until the time you get the mark back.

Good luck with your midterms everyone!

Hillary Newman