Hey, It’s Your Future

Hey everyone! Let me introduce myself, my name is Carla and not only am I a part-time graduate studies student at Nipissing University, but I am also staff. I have the honour of working with the NU recruitment team. That means it is my job to talk you and anyone else into studying at Nipissing University.

The fall is the most busy and exciting time of the year for prospective students. There are so many decisions to make. WHERE are you going to study and WHAT are you going to study?

I can’t answer those big questions for you, but I can tell you what questions you should ask the schools that you are considering. Maybe these questions will help make your decision that much easier!

First, consider what is important to you now. You are most likely going to be moving somewhere for at least 4 years. That’s a long time, and a lot of money spent on your life right now. What do the residences look like? Are those rooms guaranteed? Is off-campus housing available? What does the campus look like? How accessible are amenities? What activities are available to students? Nipissing’s residences are ranked as one of the best in the country, not just for the rooms but also for the staff and programing.

Second, ask questions about the programs that you are considering. You are, after all working towards an academic degree. How big are your classes? What is the student: faculty ratio? What are some of the topics you will study? What do the first-year assignments look like? Are there placement or co-op programs? Are there international opportunities for study? What supports are available to? What if you change your mind about the program? What if you don’t know what to study? Nipissing University has small, interactive classes with professors who are focused on your success and really promote interdisciplinary studies.

Third, what are the costs associated with your studies? How are the schools supporting you in paying the price of a University degree? Check out the scholarships that Nipissing guarantees.

Finally, think about your future. What are your long-term plans? Are you considering a Graduate program? What research opportunities exist for you in your undergraduate program? What are some of the pre-requisites that you will need. Are you going to require reference letters? A portfolio? What research opportunities exist for you? Our faculty works closely with you and offers you tons of opportunities at the undergrad level that you will not get anywhere else.

Take all of that information and really focus on yourself. Make the right decision for you. 98% of Nipissing University graduates tell us that if they had the opportunity to make all of those decisions again, they would return to Nipissing. I’ve experienced it myself and hear it from my former classmates. Lakers are hugely satisfied with their university experience.

I’m off to the West Coast and the prairies, so if any of you are in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba, come and say hi! Ask me why you belong at Nipissing University.

Carla Tucker
Senior Student Recruitment Officer, Nipissing University