How to Make Reading Week Your Friend

Hello future and current Nipissing students! My name is Evan and I am here with a few tips on how to make this reading week your friend.

“Of course reading week is my friend. It’s a week off where I can see all my friends from home I haven’t seen in 2 months” you’ll say. I agree with you! Reading week is a tremendous time to go catch up with your friends and see how you are all doing in your first endeavour outside of high school. However there are two main parts of reading week which can trip up students.

One – “Reading”. You may have noticed that your professors do enjoy giving out readings. This love of having you do readings does not stop, and may in fact increase during reading week. That is why an important thing to remember, on top of visiting your friends, is you should also try to do some reading.

Two – “Week”. A week is not a long period of time at all. If you get caught up just seeing friends and reminiscing (as fun as that is) you may end up not getting much work done at all, leaving you super stressed on the Saturday and Sunday when you should be nicely resting for the rest of the semester.

Now, on to some tips to avoid these.

Balance – balance out your day between seeing friends and family, doing some relaxing activity, and also working. You’ll feel better about having accomplished more that day.

Rewards – use visiting friends as a reward for finishing that one chapter or starting that essay proposal.

Getting Ahead – you may not have projects and assignments due right after reading week, but there is nothing stopping you from using this time to get ahead. This will make you far less stressed in the future.

Reconnect While Studying – you and your hometown BFF can hang out while both trying to get work done. Will it be as productive as normal? Probably not, but it will definitely be fun.

These are a few tips to try for reading week. Try your best to relax, enjoy yourself, get work done and eat a ton of turkey. Happy Reading Week.

Evan Gomes
5th Year Concurrent Education Student, Ask Me Team Coordinator & Head Laker Maniac.