The Fifth Year Experience of Concurrent Education

In the spring of 2010, I made my first big life decision to pursue a post-secondary institution that would soon become my home for the next five years. I chose to attend Nipissing University, move four and a half hours away from home, and became a student in the Concurrent Education program. These past four years have been filled with great memories, an awesome program, and hard work. I am currently in my last year of the Concurrent Education program and I could not be more excited.

With the Concurrent Education program, you start your practicum experience, along with the education classes, in your first year. Over the next four years, you get to complete six education courses and six weeks of placement, giving you an abundance of knowledge going into the final year that many people call ‘Teacher’s College’. During this fifth year of Concurrent Education, we are exposed to the remainder of the education classes, which are practical, enjoyable and add to our confidence as teacher candidates, along with thirteen weeks of placement to finish off the school year.

After four years of determination and studying, teacher’s college has been so different, and very enjoyable as it is more practical knowledge for our future careers. Throughout the past four weeks, it has been all about learning to teach different subject areas, applying our previous knowledge/experiences, and learning effective teaching methods in all subject areas.

A great opportunity that was given to all fifth year Concurrent and Consecutive education students last week was called Professional Week. This is a week filled with workshops and presentations by different organizations like the Ontario College of Teachers, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario etc. When it is your turn to take part in this week, take full advantage of everything offered because it is such a great learning opportunity, and will leave you walking away with great resources, information and higher confidence in yourself as a teacher.

Although September has been very exciting, and I do look forward to taking in every possible experience within the next couple of months, it is bittersweet to be finishing up school, doing our last practicum, and eventually having to say good-bye to all my friends until graduation. For the next few months, I cannot wait to see what is to come, enjoy every moment, and continue learning to be the best teacher I can be. Choosing to come to Nipissing four years ago, and moving to North Bay was the best decision I could have made, because when I graduate, I know I will be prepared to teach based on the education I have received.

Meagan Wills