These last two weeks

As my first post of the student blog, I would like to talk about the preparation that was done this year for first year students. Again my name is Markus Hawco, a BBA student but more importantly a don (or better known as an RA in other Universities) at Chancellors House. Prior to school beginning I have personally done two weeks of don training, a day of peer tutor training and note taking. I can positively say I am beyond excited for school to start so I can put what I learned into action.

Over the course of my summer I waited in anticipation for my interesting classes to begin again, to help first year students as my past don did, and to overall get back in the routine of independent life.

Overall, I am beyond excited to see all new students and cannot wait for everyone coming to Nipissing University to experience an amazing first year as I did.

I hope to see you all soon!

Markus Hawco