Mid-Terms are done, now what?

So you made it through all this year’s first round of mid-terms and projects. Congratulations! The stress you had before reading week, during reading week, and the week after, is over. And you can finally take a break. Not so fast! Exam season is just a month away, and if you have a class once a week, that’s roughly 5 classes until you take your exam.

Here are some tips and tricks to help make the best out of this ‘break’ time, after midterms, that will later ease your stress come exam time.

  1. If you are fortunate enough to get your midterm(s) back, correct it completely
  • Get a study group together to get the right answers from your peers
  • Re-explain to yourself why the wrong answers are wrong to help you NOT make the same mistake on the final
  • Email your Professor or TA and book an appointment to go over what you did wrong on your midterm/essay/project. Ask them what they think you need to go over. This is also the time, if you only got your answer sheet back, you can go over the midterm with your professor and see where you went wrong
  1. Review the material covered on the midterm
  • Go all the way back to chapter 1, up to what was on the midterm and give it a quick skim through. This is incredibly easy to do, gives you a confidence boost, and refreshes your memory
  • While going through the chapters, using a different coloured pen than your notes, mark material that you remember was on the midterm. Those are the main ideas you should have gotten from the class and you can use for studying for the final
  1. Keep your review sheet and answers
  • If you were lucky and your teacher gave you a review sheet, practice questions, or list of topics covered for the midterm, keep it. Go back through and master them. The midterm for some strange reason (sarcasm here folks) looked a lot like your review sheet. That’s not a coincidence. Your professor gave you what they thought was important for you to know in the class and should know for the final.
  • Correct your review sheet, practice questions, or fully explain the list of topics, so when it comes time to study for the final, you just turn your review sheet into your study sheet.
  • If you did not get a review sheet, make one! Go back through your midterm, your appointment with your teacher, study group notes, your personal class notes, and make a summary of what you have learned so far in the course.
  1. Learn what you forgot to learn
  • Remember those questions on the midterm you were like, “I don’t remember doing that in class!”? this is the time to go back into your notes, find it, and re-learn it
  • If you missed any classes and haven’t gotten the time to see what you missed, this is the perfect chance to catch up and get the notes from someone else! Use it as an excuse to go talk to that cute girl/guy in your class and ask them if they could teach it to you!
  • Study that last question on your review sheet or chapter notes that you ran out of time to study or wish you spent more time on. This is the time, not a week before you write the final.

At the end of these steps, you should feel like you would get 100%, if you were to redo the midterm! For your final, all you will have to do is review your review sheet, do a few practice questions, and feel like a genius. Do this after the second midterm, and you will have more than half your study material ready for final and only review to do!

I hope everyone did amazing on their midterms, and if not, there is still 70-90% of the course to make it up in! So keep up the great work!


Tealia Carriere