Fifth Year Concurrent Experience: Preparing for the final weeks

November, the time of year when everything starts getting very busy, as students prepare for exams and final papers that are coming up. As the campus becomes even more beautiful, with the snow sticking to the trees, the anticipation for the holidays and seeing your family/friends also starts to build.

As a fifth year Concurrent Education student, these next few weeks feel different than any other year. Yes, it is still busy, but it is so enjoyable and emotional as we enter our next few weeks with the friends and colleagues we have been working with for five short years. This year has been all about working hard, as well as enjoying our last semester as a student, because next semester everything will change, and we will finally be teaching from January to April in a few different environments and classrooms.

Before we get to that last semester of our five-year concurrent education program, we have to concentrate on our last group assignments, and tests. As a student, it is very important to plan for the next few weeks, as it can be overwhelming the closer exams get, procrastination sets in, and the excitement for the holidays continues to build. While most of our time seems to be consumed with writing papers, finishing assignments, and studying, it is important to remember that you need a balance. Even for a fifth year education student, and the pressure to finish your last school year on a good note, it is important to always take time for yourself. If you completely dedicate yourself to school only, it will become harder to finish assignments, as you may not be able to enjoy yourself as much.

Nipissing University has a lot to offer to create that balance including outdoor hikes, watching a varsity sports event, hanging out with friends, social nights, becoming involved in school, joining a club, using the gym facilities, or maybe just allow yourself to watch your favourite TV show/movie. These small breaks allow you to have the mental break that you need, and most of the time you will not only feel better after, but you will succeed more with each assignment you complete. As I stated before, having that balance between school-work and a social life, will help you succeed, and create amazing memories during your short time at Nipissing University.

Over the next few weeks, the Concurrent Education students will be preparing their last few assignments, enjoying the last few weeks of being in school, and the anticipation for being out on placement will continue to build. We will be saying good-bye to many of our friends until graduation, and taking our next big step in life. We have all succeeded in our program, and if you put hard work into school, create that balance between school life and your social life, you too will succeed and walk away from Nipissing University with life-long friends and many memories!

Meagan W.