The Magical saying “Get Involved”

Something that is heard numerous times throughout university as being the “key to a rewarding university experience” is to…get involved. What exactly does this mean? At what amount of involvement are you considered “involved”?

Being in my second year now, I can say that I count as being involved. To list a few things: I am the vice-president of NUSA (Nipissing University Student Alumni), captain of the squash club, a student blogger, and a residence don.

I can say that being involved has made my appreciation for Nipissing soar, I love this university. Not just for the classes but because I now make a difference in the community and the university as a whole.

I will warn you though, you do not have to believe that you must sign up for everything that people to tell you to. You can/will get swamped with that much commitment. The strongest tool you can have is to tell people no, or even “I am sorry but I am already far too busy”. You will not hurt feelings by doing this, you will only save your sanity and time for things that matter to you. On the other hand, make sure you do get involved! If you spend all your time between school and home, you will leave huge gaps in your day and it will leave you wondering what to do.

There is no true gauge to say “are you involved enough” the only gauge is you. If you feel like you may have way too much time on your hands think about getting involved! If on the other hand, you feel like you need to stay up later to get everything done and feel swamped, you may be too involved and need to cut down.

Overall, I just want you to know that you are going to hear “get involved” a lot, just make sure you ask yourself “How busy am I? Can I take on this opportunity?” then make a decision in your best interest!

Quite possibly I will see you around the halls of Nipissing and I may be one of the people asking you to join a group that I am affiliated with.

I hope to see you at Nipissing University!

Markus Hawco