Creative and Fun Study Techniques

Here are a few ways to help you get through all the tedious studying that lie ahead. Try a few, or try them all!


Quizlet lets you search for previously created flashcards or create your own. The site allows you to flash the words on cards, practicing spelling them, do tests, and play games all while having a fun time! You can also share your flashcards with fellow classmates and print them off in a convenient cut and fold style.


  •  Youtube

Youtube can actually be an incredibly helpful site where you can find almost anyone teaching anything. Some of the advantages are that the videos are rarely over 10 minutes and gives you suggestions on other videos on the same topic. Just make sure to stay on track!


  • Dry Erase Board

Might sound really childish, but it is actually so much fun you forget you are studying. This is great for all subjects, can be done during group study sessions, fantastic for diagrams, and very useful for deciphering rough multiple choice questions from the practice test.

dry erase board

  •  Posters

Similar to the dry erase board idea, making posters help as you are physically writing the information out and can use many visual aspects such as colours, pictures and print outs to really make it memorable. After making the posters, you can hang them in your boring uni-room to brighten it up and see it every day until the test to get it stuck in your head.



I hope one, if not some of these ideas help you in your quest to learning all the information needed for your exams! Good luck everyone and remember to breath in, breath out, go to bed early, and drink lots of coffee!


(ps. click on the pictures for them to get enlarged and see all the little details!)