Stay Active This Winter

Five Ways To Stay Active in the Winter

1. Use the gym!
The Robert J Surtees Student Athletic Center is available to all students, whether you are a beginner or advanced. If going to the gym and “pumping iron” isn’t your thing, you can borrow equipment (such as a soccer ball, basket ball, etc.) and go play in the gymnasium. There are also options such as the squash court and simply running the stairs in the building.
2. Get outside
Sure, North Bay is cold, but it’s nothing a scarf, mittens and winter coat can’t solve. The trails behind the school remain open during the winter, and are indeed walk-able, because the snow is compacted from skiers and snowshoers. The ski hill is also a great option for people who like fast-paced extreme sports like alpine skiing and snowboarding. If you prefer leisurely gliding around, try using outdoor ice rinks. There are many in town, including one right outside of residence.
3. Work out at home
Dorms may not be the roomiest places, but if you move the kitchen table and chairs over a bit, you have room to work out! Today, there are plenty of ways to work out at home. You can go on Youtube and search “at home workout”, or check out blogilates. You can also follow work out DVDs that target your specific fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). It’s even more fun and motivating if you get your friends involved too! You will all benefit from it and it’s a great way to bond.
4. Fitness classes
There are a number of fitness classes available at the athletic centre. From cycling, to boot camp, to yoga, you’re bound to find a class you like and meet new friends! The classes are multi-level and you will most-likely find at least one that fits into your schedule.
5. The little things
I know it’s hard to stay active in the winter, especially if you don’t actually like physical activity. Here are some little tricks to get a little bit more activity in every day.
-Park far away, you won’t freeze to death in those five minutes it takes to walk that little bit extra
-Take the stairs, this is especially good if you have a heavy backpack
-Walk to the next bus stop, instead of taking the bus at the closest bus stop, walk to the next one; it’s not that much further but you get a few extra steps in.
Keep warm and active this winter and enjoy your break!