Southwestern Ontario girl returned to her Northern Ontario Home

Now that the nine weeks of travel and student recruitment are completed, there are so many things that I’m loving about being back at home.

First of all, I’ve been cooking up a storm! Although I love eating out and it’s amazing to be able to take advantage of the East Side Mario’s All you Can Eat deals (which I just got coupons for in the mail…mmm), I love to cook. I’ve been cooking pot roasts, quinoa salads, and soup. Homemade soup is the easiest thing to make in the world. Also, I’m a huge fan of perusing the different grocery stores that North Bay has to find the best of the best. It’s so easy!

Snowshoes – Although we haven’t had enough snow yet (believe it or not), I’ve bought my first pair of snowshoes. Since I’m no longer a student, I can’t take advantage of those wonderful free snowshoe rentals. I can’t wait to hike the trails with my friends and not get snow in my boots. They are green and beautiful!

Traffic – From my time on the road, I’ve gotten very used to sitting in traffic jams of all sorts, for all sorts of hours. This has made me a much more patient driver and passenger, for which I am grateful. I truly appreciate that in North Bay, our biggest traffic jam is due to a red light. It’s amazing.

Spas – Being a true girly girl, I have recently discovered a new mani-pedi place in town that will blow your mind. I haven’t gotten a pedicure that has taken an hour and a half in my entire life. It was amazing. To my girls out there – paraffin wax on your feet – AMAZING!

Shops – It’s been great to return to the small shops in our downtown to support our local businesses while doing my holiday shopping. I’ve bought kids outfits, books and gift cards for my friends to enjoy – plus I feel good about supporting local.

Christmas Walk – This is an amazing event that I will be experiencing for the first time this year. Essentially, from what I understand, they shut down the streets downtown and fill it with Santa’s, hot chocolate and shopping. It has just started to snow again, so it should be beautiful to witness. UPDATE: I have been informed that there are horse drawn sleigh rides. This is going to be EPIC.

The View – Being able to look out my window at home and see the escarpment when the snow is falling is breathtaking. I also happen to have this view while in the office at work. When you come and visit – I hope it’s snowing (slightly) so you can experience this!

Friends – Being able to hit up Twiggs with friends, or take a walk around town with my friends is amazing! North Bay is just small enough that I can call up my friends and they can get to me on the bus in no time, or I can zip across town in my beautiful Green Bug to pick them up in under fifteen minutes.

North Bay Locals – I literally made a friend while taking a walk to Sobey’s for coleslaw (I know, I love coleslaw, I’m totally odd. Try it with Poppyseed dressing, trust me). We chatted from the lights to the Sobeys, and then I saw her again at the Wal-Mart. We recognized each other and chatted into the parking lot. This is how easy it is to make friends in North Bay!

Home – This is truly home for me. It was great seeing the different towns and cities across this beautiful province; however, North Bay is truly my home. I relax the second I get past Huntsville, and love being able to decorate my own home for the holidays. The independence and security I feel here is second to none, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

SRO – Student Recruitment Officer