Get out there!

I am a firm believer that a positive or negative University experience is all about what you make of it. By taking advantage and becoming involved in all facets of your university life you will have a great time. Grab that bull by the horns and see where it takes you. If it takes you for a ride far from campus, you may have to walk back but it’s a story and it’s an experience you can reflect on. It’s this outlook that has allowed me to become involved in a ton of different things throughout my Nipissing University life. Reflecting on these experiences has allowed me as a Student Recruitment Officer to connect with prospective students on a different level.

I started out in first year really just moseying along. Going to class, socializing on weekends, but really staying in a comfortable spot where I didn’t challenge myself. I went home for the summer and saw that all my high school pals had these stories and friends that they have made throughout the year. I made myself a deal that come the start of second year I would put myself out there as much as possible and make some of these same connections. On campus I began volunteering and helping out during Open Houses and Call Campaigns. I was able to interact with different groups on campus and those who were considering coming to Nipissing. I instantly became connected to different social groups and gained valuable skills (free food as payment was also motivation).

My highlight of all highlights was Frosh Week. I participated in Frosh Week not once, but three times. As a frosh leader I was able to create life-long friendships and help out 1st year students when they are going through a tough transition period into university. Reflecting back on my university experiences I would say that getting involved in areas outside of academics is what made my experience come full circle. If I can offer one piece of advice to anyone coming into university or college, it is to put yourself out there. I hear stories of people who have poor experiences at university and I am convinced that was not the case for me, because I was so involved.


Kevin Hawker

SRO – Student Recruitment Officer