Getting Involved

Congratulations! You survived your first semester of University. It only took a little hard work, dedication, and a lot of coffee, but now you have mastered the art of being a university student. Not quite, now its time for you to get out there and get involved. One of the best reasons to attend Nipissing is the wide range of school activities and groups to be part of. Whether you are athletic, you appreciate books, or you are really fond of learning, Nipissing has something for everyone!

If you are athletic I would recommend looking into Nipissing’s varsity teams (Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball or Soccer), the intramural teams (Volleyball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, or Flag Football), or one of the athletic clubs (Cheerleading, Ringette, Squash, Field Lacrosse, or Rowing).

If you’re interested in learning and being involved with people who have common interests, take a look at Nipissing’s many different clubs. Some of these clubs include: Classic’s Club, History Club, and Geography Club.

Or if you are interested in making a difference in your school, community, or even the world, Nipissing offers a way to get you started. These clubs include Social Justice Club, Gender and Equality Club, Nipissing University Student Ambassadors (NUSA), or Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU).

No matter what your interests are Nipissing has something to offer to everyone. For the best possible university experience I recommend joining a few groups. Remember university is all about having new experiences. Put down the books and get out there and have some fun 🙂