The Friendly Neighbourhood Dons

The Friendly Neighbourhood Nipissing Dons!

Two weekends ago I attended the Residence Life Conference in Guelph University. The idea of this conference is to bring together Dons/RA’s from all universities to share their information, tips and strategies about the daunting job of working in Residence. I went as a delegate and judge for Nipissing University as I am a Chancellors House Don.

What was profoundly shocking was how other schools address certain issues. Unlike Nipissing University, other schools’ Dons have the authority to distribute immediate financial penalties. A story another Don told me was she was walking in her residences hallway, found a student with open alcohol (which is prohibited) and wrote him a $25 fine. This all being said, Nipissing Dons do write up these occurrences, but it is higher management that does any sort of penalty or punishment for these occurrences.

It shocked me to see how nice we were compared to some other places. Here at Nipissing we get to know our students, hangout, and be critically involved with their lives. At other universities the Dons seem like they are there for handing out fines or emergency reasons, that’s it.

Therefore for those who currently attend Nipissing and live in one of our five residences count yourself lucky that we will get up at 4 am to let you into your suite and not charge you $10 like the norm at so many other institutions.

For those thinking of Nipissing University let this be a special consideration in your choice. A large part about university is the experience and living, so it would make the most sense to ensure that the residence you will be staying in is best for you and that your costs won’t continually go up due to slip ups.

This all being said, Dons at Nipissing do enforce the rules, we ensure that no rules are being broken, but we do so in a learning and caring method, we do care about our students, we don’t want to just punish them and continue on our day.

Overall Nipissing has thoroughly impressed me on our ability to handle situations in a much nicer and thoughtful tone than many other places across Canada. Nipissing University Residence is the place for you!