5 Reasons You Should Play Sports

If you read my last post – you will see that I come to you with yet another list of 5 physical activity related things! It’s almost like this is my field or something. 🙂

This time, it’s 5 Reasons You Should Play Sports. Sports can include anything from dance, to football, to yoga, to squash. Find the one you like and start to reap the benefits!

1 – Physical health

Sports encourage good physical health. Most sports work your aerobic system, which is good for your heart, lungs, and much more. In addition, participating in sports can help you meet the daily physical activity guidelines.

2 – Mental health

Not only do sports help with physical health, but they also help with mental health. Physical activity releases endorphins, and can help you de-stress. Also, if your sport is played outside, there’s all the benefits of fresh air.

3 – Socializing

Sports are generally social activities. By participating in sports, you are forced to be social, which is also good for your well-being. Being social and interacting with people regularly, especially people whom you have formed a relationship with can put you in a better mood and decreases your chances of developing depression.

4 – Confidence

Playing sports regularly will increase your confidence. By practicing a sport, you will gain skills and get better, which will boost your confidence. With a boosted confidence, you’ll be more likely to try new things, and gain new skills, which boosts your confidence even more. It’s a confidence-building cycle.

5 – Physical activity is a basic human need

Physical activity, i.e. sports, is a basic human need. Without physical activity, people can get serious health issues, such as cardiorespiratory problems, blood clots, and more. Proof that physical activity is a basic human need is right in front of our eyes, the newest epidemic to hit the Western world is obesity.