Why February is so Important

I know it’s tough to start thinking about summer now but having a good summer job really is key to making the most of your summer and also making the cash you need to survive the next year at university. February is the ideal time to start looking for and applying to summer jobs. Nipissing offers many great summer employment opportunities if you plan on staying in North Bay. The Office of Student Development and Services on campus can also help you if you are on the hunt for summer work, be it at Nipissing or elsewhere. They will help you put together a strong resume and cover letter to apply for any summer job, or potential career opportunity you wish to pursue. They also offer interview help and can prepare you for your interview no matter which position you are seeking.

Nipissing University and the Federal and Provincial governments are excellent sources of summer employment that like to advertise their positions early. They are also excellent options for students interested in working in their field of study as there are research positions, government internships and other unique opportunities available that are excellent for building up your resume before graduation. Many positions are advertised online but it is also a good idea to talk to friends and family members and to contact businesses and organizations you may be interested in working for. If you are really interested in working at a certain place, email them or drop by to ask about possible employment opportunities, even if they haven’t got anything advertised.

I have been lucky enough to have some pretty great summer work experiences over the years. This past summer I worked at Nipissing in the Marketing and Recruitment department and I loved it! It was great being up here all summer to enjoy the nice weather, beautiful beaches; and having evenings and weekends off was a huge plus! Before that, I was a Student Border Services Officer with the Canadian Border Services Agency working at Pearson Airport. Being a criminal justice student, that was a terrific chance for me to work in my field of interest and gain some hands on experience! Whatever your interests are, it is always a great idea to start looking early to ensure your summer turns out as amazing as possible!