My 3 Favourite Things to Eat in North Bay

I feel like one of the best things about North Bay is all of the non-chain restaurants you can find and the delicious food that is in them. I decided to share  my 3 favourites… My absolute favourite is a must try.

3rd Favourite:

Where? Ivan’s Restaurant

1867 O’Brien Street

When? Lunch or Dinner (eat-in), when you are with a lot of people & extremely hungry

What? Family Sized Poutine

Why? I wish I had taken a picture. If you are looking for a typical good poutine, but you want a LOT of it, go here! My fiance and I were super hungry and ordered a family sized poutine and two sandwiches. Let’s just say, they brought us a mountain of poutine and we had to take half of it home along with our sandwiches. It was actually insane. It’s a lot of bang for your buck.

How Much? $9.95

2nd Favourite:

Where? Burger World

1308 Algonquin Ave & 1405 Hammond Street

When? Breakfast

What? Two eggs, bacon or ham or bologna or sausage, toast, home fries & coffee

Why? It is only $6.29 for two eggs, bacon/ham/bologna or sausage, home fries (get them fried & with onions)… that is pretty amazing. Hangover breakfast anyone? It is amazing breakfast food, and what is better than breakfast food? Nothing. That’s what I thought.

How much? $6.29

My Favourite!:

Where? The Moose

134 Main Street

When? Dinner, lunch & late night snack… Tuesdays for $13 pitchers of Steamwhistle

What? Buffalo Poutine. It has gravy, curds, and fries, but wait! There’s more. You get to choose any of the wing sauces that The Moose offers to have tossed chicken strips in on top and also there is ranch. It sounds like a lot, but it is the best thing in the whole world.

Why? WHY NOT? This is literally the best thing ever. I took my friend that goes to U of T to The Moose for Buffalo poutine and she said “10/10 people will return to North Bay for Buffalo Poutine”. My finace and I are truly addicted.

How Much? $10.99


I hope that at least one of these sparks your interest. Again, the Buffalo poutine is the best thing ever in North Bay. If you are here for one day or for your entire time at Nipissing, I recommend you go to the Moose.