Warm Fuzzies.


Have you ever had someone say something to you that completely filled you with happiness? Maybe it was an unsolicited compliment, a spontaneous text, a kind word when you were feeling down, or the message in a birthday card. Regardless of the source, these comments probably made you feel good, and left you feeling good for long afterwards. Sometimes even the memory of these comments is enough to bring those good feelings back. These comments are what I refer to as the “warm fuzzies” because that’s the closest description to how I feel on the inside when I hear (or remember) what was said or done.

About two years ago I got an idea for a little project and I want to share it with you, in hopes that you can get joy from your warm fuzzies, the same way I have found repeated happiness with mine. For my birthday a couple years ago, my best friend’s parents gave me a journal. Inside the front and back cover were quotes her mom had collected over the years that strongly resonated with her. Granted, these quotes were not about her specifically, but that’s the good thing about the warm fuzzies, sometimes it is someone else’s words that strike a chord, as if it was written just for you in the exact time that you needed it.

I decided this special journal deserved to be filled with words that were equally as special. It started off by me jotting down quotes I came across that really spoke to me, to serve as a reminder of the good during days on days that weren’t always so good. It quickly evolved into more than just quotes I stumbled upon. I started adding in text messages I got that left me feeling all warm inside, then pictures of people who are important to me and have influenced my life, and old letters that I received and kept for years. On days where I need a pick me up, or I forget about how good life can be, I go to my “Feel Good Journal” flip to a random page, and read quotes I love, or kind words from people and it’s amazing just how quickly my mood shifts towards the positive.

Now the journal is almost full, and soon I will have to start a second “Feel Good Journal.” I cannot wait to fill another book full of “warm fuzzies” and I really think everyone could benefit from something like this. Maybe a journal isn’t quite your style. Maybe a drawer, box, file folder, word document, or collage are more your style. Whatever the method, keep track of the things said, done, and written for you and about you that bring you joy. Especially with these cold winter months, I think we could all use a few warm fuzzies, don’t you?