Spring/Summer Courses are Here!

There are many reasons why students should be taking Spring/Summer courses.It’s a proven fact that we loose 80% of the knowledge we have learned over the summer months. As well, it takes our brains twice as long to re-adjust to a classroom learning environment. Fortunately, Spring/Summer courses are awesome! There are a wide variety of interesting courses in every discipline available during the Spring/Summer session to choose from. There are both 3 credit and 6 credit courses that you can get in just a couple of weeks. They are also a great alternative if you have fallen behind in your studies or you wish to get ahead.

Want to graduate early? Spring/Summer programs and coordination with an academic advisor can set you on the right path. Always wanted to learn a second language but could never fit it into your schedule? Nipissing offers a variety of second language course including French, Spanish, Latin, and Greek.

Maybe you want to learn but aren’t interested in sitting in a classroom – Nipissing offers a range of online and distance learning courses, so you can still go home for the summer. If you’re worried that you wont have a summer, remember that university students get 4 months for summer break, so even if you took a couple classes you would still have plenty of time to get a tan! 🙂