Treat Yo Self…And Others

University life can be packed with stress, exams, assignments, balancing life, working, and so on. It can be difficult to manage our time wisely, resulting in a lack of self-care, when in actuality, it is extremely crucial to uphold self-care during these stressful times. Self-care is an important aspect to university because you can’t focus on your work entirely if you don’t take the time to focus on yourself.

I saw an episode of Parks and Recreation and two characters had a day where they treated themselves, known as ‘treat yo self’ day (Daniels, Schur, & McDougall, 2011) . This day was dedicated purely to doing things they enjoyed.

I think treating ourselves is needed, especially in university. Taking adequate time for ourselves every day is a way to combat stress and to be able to focus in various situations. Everyday should really be a ‘treat yo self’ day. Doing at least one thing you enjoy every single day will not only make you happier, but may increase your focus and motivation. Something as simple as taking care of yourself can really decrease your stress and improve your work ethic.

One thing I do every day for myself is watch an episode of a show I enjoy. No matter how stressed out I am, it seems that doing that one little thing for myself really improves my mood and manages my stress. This one thing you do everyday could be anything that lifts you up–playing a sport, reading, writing, etc.

Don’t forget to also treat others! Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our own stress and our own work that we forget to thank the people around us who are always supportive. In residence, our Don and Council team each had a ‘special day’ where they were given gifts, notes, flowers, etc. throughout the entire day! Everyone felt extremely grateful and special that people went out of their way to do nice things for them the entire day.

So I challenge you, if you are reading this–to do at least one thing you really enjoy every single day, and do something nice for someone else at least once a day. Make someone’s day special…and treat yo self! 

Treat Yo Self

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