North Bay in the Summer

North Bay in the Summer We can all agree that while winter in North Bay has its perks, it tends to stick around a little longer than many of us had hoped. I, for one, am ready for spring and look forward to spending more time outside exploring the amazing trails and waterfront North Bay has to offer. Last summer I decided to stay in North Bay instead of moving back home to Oakville and I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it here! First of all, it is extremely easy to find places to rent in North Bay in the summer and many students end up signing a full year lease on a house anyway so it makes loads of sense to make the most of it and stick around here enjoying the warmer temperatures. There are also many employment opportunities in North Bay in the summer including positions at the university and within many businesses and organizations throughout the community.

So what was my summer like in North Bay last year? Here is an idea of how I spent the summer:

From Monday to Friday I worked from 8:30 am -4:00 pm at the university in the Marketing and Recruitment office doing a variety of things from campus tours to assisting with events and anything else that needed to be done around the office. I really liked the flexibility of having evenings and weekends off to head home every once and awhile or to go visit friends. It also gives students the opportunity to take a spring/summer course or two to reduce the stress of a full course load from September to April.

North Bay in the Summer I spent many of my evenings reading on the beach of Lake Nipissing or getting some form of exercise. I did so much walking, running and biking on the trails around North Bay and really got to know the city. Student bus passes are available for purchase in the summer but I decided to bike most days and only took the bus if it was necessary. It was so nice being able to bike up to work every day and then down to the beach with my book once I was finished, until it started getting dark out.

Lastly, weekends here in the summer are awesome! I spent so many days packing up a backpack and biking as far as I could to different places outside of North Bay and exploring new trails or beaches. There are also many cool events here throughout the summer including Summer in the Park which brings some really exciting musicians to the city. This past summer North Bay even hosted an international beach volleyball tour which brought together athletes from across North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Even when it rains there are a variety of fun things to do like going to the movies, bowling, shopping or just hanging out with friends. There were more students in North Bay over the summer to hang out with than I expected and being here gave me the opportunity to make some really great new friends. Late nights are also awesome in the summer and my friends and I had countless bonfires, barbeques and midnight swims.

I wish you all the best of luck in your final couple months of school and I hope to see you around North Bay either this summer or next!