Nipissing: The school of opportunities

Nipissing has become much more than a school for me, it is a school of opportunity and endless possibilities. Let me tell you a little secret, the school is young and small, and is open to support any students that have a passion to pursue. From my own experience, I have been able to start a squash club and the campus response team through Nipissing funding. You have many options for funding possibilities, whether it is from faculty funding, NUSU (your student union), the administration, athletics and more! If you have a passion you can pursue it here, and achieve it.

Overall Nipissing University has numerous areas for students to pursue their passions. If you feel you have something that needs to be shared, than with a little hard work and communication you can have that dream come to reality with Nipissing’s support behind you.

How often can you say that your school supported your dreams at their expense? Especially a university?