You can still Pull Up your Socks with a Month to go

With several classes missed and only a few more assignments till exams, is it possible to keep my honours? Can I get a decent grade or at the minimum pass this class? Although the exam is only a month away, if you put some time in, and look over these simple tips, I promise you can do it.

Step 1. Go to class. If you have not been since the last midterm, this is would be the time to start to make a habit of attending class until the exam. Arrive to your class ready for note taking and simply listen. If questions come up that concern you, write them down, and make a note to email the professor at a later date.

Step 2. Your Syllabus. This is one the most important papers for the class. If you have misplaced it most professors post it on blackboard but if not, no worries, simply email them asking for another copy. Once you have it, go through and figure out what you missed at the class(es) you were not present at. Also, look at future assignment dates so you don’t have to keep bugging your friends (but don’t worry you will be bugging them in the next step). Lastly, look at the grading section, this section is extremely important as it shows you how much your final is worth and how much percent of the class you can make up for. Use your most comfortable method for remembering the important dates including writing them on a post-it and sticking to your desk, writing in your agenda, or highlighting it on the page.

Step 3. Get all missing notes. This step is the toughest. It’s not the simple ‘print the slides off blackboard’, you need to find someone with the notes and buddy up. The reason to not solely use the slides or handouts is because a lot of professors add information to them while talking and leave out crucial information. These missing notes will help understand what the important information is to understand from the textbook and can help with the up-coming assignments and homework.

Step 4. Extra Sources. Because it is pretty far into the semester, reading the textbook and slides may seem overwhelming and dry to cover. Depending on your major, free online resources are available. For Arts Majors (History, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Fine Arts, English, Religion, and other Languages), look to the North Bay library, Youtube, and Netflix (but don’t get distracted) for videos on the topics covered. For Science and Math, Khan Academy (an online education tool) has walk through videos and questions to help. These extra resources reinforce and bring new light to the material you are covering in class.

Step 5. Catch up on homework. If you were fortunate enough to have practice questions, take the time to look them over. If you think the questions are easy, pretend that you are teaching someone else how truly easy they actually are. If the teacher is giving you these questions to practice, they will most likely be on future assignments and tests.

Step 6. Correct past Assignments and Tests. Although the afterthought of your test/assignment may be frightening, correcting them can help show you where to focus on for studying and refresh what you already know. The final will consist of similar questions and potentially the same ones. These past assignments can be used as study notes and to test yourself on how well you know the material.

Step 7. Meeting with your Professor. With your notes, finished homework, and corrected assignments/tests in hand, you can approach your professor with any questions you have come upon. You can also at this time ask about upcoming assignments and tests. Building a good relationship with your professor is important as they can help you and further explain what it is they are looking for.

Hope these tips help you get the grade you want, as well as help in in your future classes.