The most Difficult aspect of University is…

Decisions, decisions.

I feel like the top of my résumé should read “excellent decision maker”.

Around this time last year all I was thinking was: Where am I going to school? What am I going to major in? Do I want to live on or off campus? What do I want as a career after school? Do I want to to do a postgraduate degree?

Then I would proceed to Google “best schools in Ontario” “universities in Ontario” “pros and cons of schools in Ontario”. Once I sorted through these questions, I had a slight idea of what I wanted to major in. I narrowed it down to philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, English studies, history and classical studies… and wait! Nipissing has a criminal justice program to choose from too? Ugggghhhh…

I decided on Nipissing for it’s small-knit community appeal and because North Bay seemed a little bit like my home-town, Belleville, in size, yet was also 4.5 hours away so I could start a new life after high school. Boo-yah.

In my first year I took intro poli sci, English, philosophy and psychology to try to narrow it  down. I decided political science wasn’t for me, and rekindled my love of philosophy. I also decided upon psychology, which has always been my one true love (and I want to apply for postgraduate degrees that require psychology). I really liked English too. So my final decision? Philosophy and psychology double-major with honours and a minor in English studies. BAM.

Next decision? Should I live on-campus or off campus? Before coming to Nipissing, my decision making seemed to go something like this:

“I don’t want to live in residence. I never want to live on campus. I want to live on my own with no room-mates. I don’t like this. I don’t want to live on campus”

*I took a campus tour*

“OH SWEET! Each person has their own bedroom? DONE!”

Living on campus didn’t seem like my kind of thing. I am quiet and reserved. But people say it all of the time, and I agree that it is true: living in residence in first year is an amazing experience. Even if you decide not to live in residence for the rest of your degree, that’s cool. But by giving residence a chance you might choose to become a don, or in second year you might move off-campus and find a house with some friends you met from residence. It’s all an amazing, stressful and fun experience.

As far as what career I want to have and what postgraduate degree to do (if I do one) all remain a mystery.

I want to be a teacher-sexologist-lawyer-organizational behaviourist-author and go back to school after my undergrad for a masters in sexology, organizational behaviour, my law degree and my bachelor in education.

My fiancé who is majoring in criminal justice has a similar train of thought as well.

He is currently majoring in criminal justice and wants to be a lawyer-investigator-author-computer repair man and get other degrees like his law school degree, computer science undergrad, a number of IT guy certifications and a masters in criminal justice.

Well. I’m sure you will also learn how to master the skill of decision making if you are a new student, and if you are a current student, I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

I’ll see you later, pondering life decisions for eternity. Good Luck!