First Year Overview

The year is finally wrapping up! Only a week to go before exams, and am I ever excited.

My first year of university was a great experience. I made a few really great friends and met SO many people! I got to try new things, like squash and weightlifting. And for the first time ever, I was a part of some sort of organization with the school (International Student Mentorship Program), and I felt like I was actually involved in student life, not just someone that shows up for classes.

I learned a lot of new things too, not just in my classes, but about myself and other people as well. I’ve learned what kind of studying works best for me, how to stay organized and on top of my school work, among other things. Of course, I have some regrets, like not going to Frosh, and not being even more involved in extracurricular activities, but overall, I’d say I had a great first year! It was all the hype, fun, stress, and memory-making that movies led me to believe it would be.

Cheers to a good year!