Cool Places to Check Out in North Bay

North Bay is home to a variety of unique stores and locations. Though school should come first, you should always leave time for exploring. There are so many fun and exciting things to do in North Bay! Here are a few of my favourite places in North Bay.

The Nutty Chocolatier:

The Nutty Chocolatier is a Victorian style confectionery shop. It has been located on Main Street since 1988. It is home to every type of candy, chocolate, and goody you could possibly imagine.

The Dionne Quints Museum:

The Dionne Quints Museum is the original Dionne farmhouse. Once inside visitors can travel back more than eighty years to marvel at the miraculous birth and survival of the Dionne Quintuplets. (Annette, Emilie, Yvonne, Cecile, and Marie)

Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence:

The Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence is a place dedicated to telling the story of the men and women who helped shape the emerging world of air and aerospace defence.

Discovery North Bay:

Built in 1903, Discovery North Bay is located in the historical Canadian Pacific train station. It is a place where visitors can discover the people and places of North Bay’s past and present.

Happy Exploring 🙂