Exams are approaching, and I’m sure many of you are thinking about your summer plans rather than your finals (I happen to be one of those people too). As exams get closer and closer, students often panic last minute and start studying far too late.

Academic stress is difficult because it can really affect your mood, sleeping patterns, and even alter your focus, making you less likely to succeed in studying.

Here are some tips to get through the last month or so of the semester:

  1. Breathe!
  2. Prioritize. Something you can do to help with stress during exams is to prioritize what you need to study first, and go from there. Set goals that are actually attainable, rather than trying to cram all your studying into one night, for example.
  3. Take breaks while studying. No, I don’t mean a five hour marathon of watching Friends on Netflix–I mean a 10 to 15 minute break here and there to take some time for yourself!
  4. Get adequate sleep. Don’t pull an all nighter before your finals in order to retain the information, because that most likely won’t happen! You need rest (about 7-8 hours) so make sure you get the amount of sleep you need so you can focus on what you are studying.
  5. Do at least one enjoyable thing per day. I don’t know about you, but waking up knowing all I need to do is study doesn’t give me a lot of motivation. Instead, by planning to do something enjoyable for yourself and studying, it not only increases your motivation, but you’ll study more effectively.
  6. Know your learning style. In university, it is crucial to know how to effectively study. Some people like to study by reading, some enjoy writing, or even talking out loud. Everyone has a different preference of studying, and it is important that you find out what yours is! You can take a learning style test, which will provide you with helpful tips too:

I wish you all the best of luck–I know you will all do great! 🙂