First year in the eyes of a second year

Looking back at it all, now being a veteran second year Business Administration student, first year seems so different.

First year is definitely a challenge, you complete a huge transition and you have to get used to a whole new way of independent life. What I can assure you, is that it will be a huge challenge but looking back on it, you will see how much it helped you, and how eye opening the real world is.

I remember in my first year feeling stress and pressure, and I doubted my capabilities when it came to living on my own. After a while that stress passed, pressure seemed non-existent and I had lots of fun with little doubt in my mind of my capabilities. Looking back at it, I can see where first year students might be worried but keep this in mind, if there are still people around as second, third and fourth year students, it means first year is manageable and enjoyable enough to continue their education.

First years’ might hear from upper years “oh don’t worry, you’ll be fine” and although it might get tiring to keep hearing, it is true. If they were lying, then they would not have stuck around as students at Nipissing.

Moral of this whole story is, yes first year is daunting, and a struggle. Nevertheless, it is manageable, a learning opportunity and will end up being one of the best years ever that makes you want to continue your learning here at Nipissing University.


Markus Hawco