First Few Weeks on Campus

Before arriving on campus only 4 short weeks ago, I was nervous to leave home. I was nervous that I wouldn’t meet any friends, that I wouldn’t like my classes, but most of all, I was scared to be 4 hours away from my family.

As soon as I began the move-in process into residence, I realized that I had found a new home. Everyone was so welcoming and I quickly realized that everyone was just as nervous as I was to begin a new adventure. I have found roommates and neighbours who are less like friends and more like family with so many memories already created. Within the first week of school, it was clear that I would love my classes because my professors are so passionate about the subjects they teach.

Nipissing University has quickly become my home. On weekends there is so much to do, from supporting sports teams, to hiking, stopping by Twiggs for coffee and homework or planning the next adventure with roommates.

I have quickly realized the importance of getting involved, from joining clubs to attending residence and social activities. I have met so many people during residence activities, such as res wars, floor meetings and potlucks, as well during frosh week, classes, and homecoming weekend just to name a few. There are opportunities to get involved and meet more people, it’s just a matter of stepping outside your comfort zone!

Saying yes to Nipissing has been one of the best decisions that I have made and I am excited to see what the next 6 years has to offer.

– Mikayla