Here’s to Another Year on the Road

Alas, another year of travelling is upon us! This is the best part of year, because we are now meeting a whole bunch of new students. They are looking for and will certainly find their way in the next six months.

There are many questions (SO very many questions) and concerns from students at these visits but I am excited for all of them. Representing an institution like Nipissing that has so much to offer them makes answering the “tough questions” a real breeze.

For these students, their entire lives will be so largely focused on independence in a very short time frame. Mostly, they are excited. Some are nervous. My goal is to reach out to each student no matter where they fall on the spectrum and ease those fears and get them to look forward to such a rewarding and exciting adventure. If I do my job right, they will fondly remember these coming years as the best years of their lives.

Having been a student at Nipissing personally, representing the University to prospective students is a dream come true. The connections that I formed at Nipissing still hold strong after coming back after an extended absence. Professors still know my name and even still remember some of my assignments!

Just like when I was a student, Nipissing University is still right where I belong.

I am so excited to show a whole new group of students that Nipissing is right where they belong!

– Darryl