My Experience Becoming a Frosh Leader

Hello friends! My name is Courtney Ivany, I am a second year criminal justice major, as well as a second year Nipissing University blogger.

One of the first blogs I ever wrote for Nipissing was the importance of getting involved within the school, and volunteering in the community. Therefore it seems fitting that my first blog this year also stresses the importance of being involved. This year I had the amazing opportunity to become a frosh leader (GO SKULL AND FROSH BONES!) which was probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. Now… I’ll be the first to admit that during my frosh year, I didn’t attend ever single event planned, but that being said I did enjoy my year being a froshie (yes, that’s a real term). I was lucky to have some great frosh leaders my year that my experience the best it could have been, and who also inspired me to want to become a frosh leader myself (Shout out to Matt McDonald, Dap Singh and Sydney Belcher). That being said, when the time came around at the end of that year that NUSU was looking for people interested in becoming frosh leaders I signed up right away. But I’ll be honest, the day after I signed up I almost went back to scratch my name of the list thinking, maybe I wouldn’t be the best person for the job. I didn’t know if I could be the typical frosh leader that people see portrayed on television. But that’s not the only type of people who help frosh come together.

During my frosh, my leaders would always encourage us to become frosh leaders, and reminded us that being a frosh leader doesn’t mean you have to have that stereotypical crazy personality. NUSU needs all kinds of people to be frosh leaders. They do need those crazy people who can get everyone pumped up for the day’s events, but they also need the type of people that are more organized and are able to help take care of the smaller things, such as helping to handout food tickets and ensuring froshies can feel comfortable approaching them at all times. That’s where the “Frosh Mom” comes in, which is what my role was, as a frosh mom I was responsible for making sure our teams froshies were up in time the day’s events, and of course making sure they were wearing their sunblock! I felt this was the perfect role for me and I love how to this day I still have some of my froshies calling me mom!

This year, frosh was a bit different than usual. NUSU put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that this year frosh would be an event we can all be proud of. Frosh has always been an event that helps prepare first year student with their transition into post-secondary life, the difference this year was that frosh had a bigger focus on cooperation. The goal to this change was to get away from the negative representations of that frosh is, and make frosh an event everyone can feel comfortable attending, and to increase the chances of meeting even more friends!

Our theme for this year was FROSH WARS: Through the Ages. I was on team #1 (Skull and Frosh Bones) along with our teams other two leaders, Jordyn Campbell and Braeden Vavassori. I was incredibly lucky to be paired with these two amazing people, who helped make our team so great. Throughout the week, our team participated in tons of classic frosh events such as the muddy olympics, the amazing race, and beach day! Frosh week also included workshops aimed at making the transiting to Nipissing as smooth as possible, and well as a pretty interesting mock-lecture based on Harry Potter (We even had a sorting hat!).

I strongly encourage anyone who is even considering becoming a frosh leader for next year to give it a chance. Not only will it be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, but you will meet some life-long friends as well! Frosh is never truly over for the frosh leaders, even weeks after frosh has ended we are still getting together on a regular basis for bowling nights and wacky wings dates!


I would also like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who made frosh this year so amazing!

coords Firstly I would like to thank the people who made this event possible from the very start, and that’s all the NUSU executives and coordinators that pulled multiple all-nighters to ensure the week would be perfect. So thank you to Angele Asube, Emily Oldreive, Jacob Matthew, Stephen Kemp, Sarah Victoria, Ian Hall, Candace Ghent, Madison Byblow, Jordan Andrews, and especially Andrew Deugo who made frosh his first priority.
Frosh leaders Thank you to all the other team leaders, A-team and utility leaders who volunteered their time to make the event possible. Special shout out to Kimberly Liew who was the photography team leader, and took incredibly photos along with her team, and also made an amazing video that captured how amazing the week was (check it out! ).
skullandfroshbones team leaders Thank you Jordyn Campbell and Braeden Vavassori who were fellow team one frosh leaders with me. I am so thankful to have gotten paired up this duo, they are two of the most genuine people I have ever met, and I hope to see them both again next year!
myfroshleaders Thank you Matt McDonald, Dap Singh and Sydney Belcher for being amazing frosh leaders to me during my first year, inspiring me to become one myself!
skull and frosh bones Lastly I would like to thank all my froshies! Thank you so much for coming out and being so amazing! I hope that all of you feel comfortable to come say hi if you see me in the halls, or having any questions. Words cannot express how lucky I was to end up with such an amazing team. We will always be best friends!

To end it off in typically frosh style, can we get a big “Oh, Yea” for all these amazing people? (OH YEA)