Forever Rockin’ the Green and Blue!

Hey there, Lakers!

My name is Christopher Piekarski, and I am one of the new Student Recruitment Officers at Nipissing University (but you guys can just call me Pie!). I’m a recent graduate of Nipissing, completing my Bachelor of Arts degree, with a double concentration in Social Welfare and Sociology. I am from North Bay; born and raised and I couldn’t express just how excited I am to represent Nipissing, while meeting and recruiting potential students!

I have been involved with many different social groups during my time at Nipissing; from starting and being a part of various school clubs, to being privileged enough to be elected as the NUSU Vice President Student Life. In short, I have been incredibly fortunate. Student Life and campus life was one of my favourite aspects of Nipissing, among so many other great things and I love to talk to people about those! I think this reflects in my positivity towards the University. That’s why I want students to think about Nipissing and really consider if it’s where they belong!

It’s quite incredible that I have had so many great opportunities while attending Nipissing, and I don’t think I would have been able to do all of these fun and great things if I had attended a different institution. Nipissing was home for me for so many years and still is. I can’t wait to get others excited about how Nipissing University can be their home too!

Anyways, it’s been a slice guys! Until next time!

– Christopher