Want to get involved? Look no further than NUSA

Hello, my name is Markus Hawco, a third year BBA student specializing in Economics in Marketing. I have been writing as a student blogger now for three years and have been quite involved within the school. I am currently a Community Advisor for residence but more importantly for this article I am the President of the Nipissing University Student Alumni.

For the past three years I have posted about things such as getting involved, keys to success and how to get the most out of your university experience etc when the key to getting a bit of everything is from NUSA. Now I may be biased from being in charge of NUSA but let me elaborate.

NUSA is the student alumni, a group that focuses on school spirit, school pride and keeping the connection between students and when they become alumni (graduates). We do this by having a strong group of 50 volunteers who volunteer to run campus wide events, orchestrate/foster traditions and work with alumni in producing more scholarships and services for students.

So how does this affect prospective students? Well a few ways. If you choose (which I highly recommend) coming to one of the Universities open house you will see NUSA through tour guides, at the fair with our booth and with the donations that alumni provided to build the library.

So what should you take from this article? Come to the fall open house! Come get toured around by a current NUSA member, and see us at our booth! Hopefully after all that you choose that Nipissing University is the school for you and I will see your application to join the Student Alumni.

See you at the Open House

Markus Hawco

NUSA President Blog