Mid-Semester Stress: Can YOU survive? (Spoiler: you can)

Reading week! Midterms! Aaaah!

To be honest, I’ve always thought of this time of year to be more stressful on students than exam time is. With exams, at least, you can see the finish line, right? With midterms it’s like here’s a big test… and assignment… and by the way do your readings for next class too. See ya next week!

I won’t lie: it’s rough. That’s fact. But I think somewhere deep (DEEP) down, I enjoy it. It solidifies my learning and lets me put it into practice. It makes me review what I learned in class. And, most importantly, it makes me realize that I actually DID learn something. I know class can feel like a blur, it can be hard to pay attention, maybe you didn’t really take notes (I’m looking at YOU, girl on Facebook in front of me in lecture) but in the end, that information stuck. And that’s important, because it’s why we’re here.

…Okay, that’s a lie. It’s not the ONLY reason we’re here. I’m here for the friends, too. But that’s why this time of year is great: sure, you’re stressed out, but you’re stressed out TOGETHER. Late nights eating comfort food together and watching Netflix instead of studying? Yep. Tired mornings, Tim Horton’s breakfasts, and an overwhelming sense of urgency forcing us to actually get some work done? Yup.

I think one principle I’ve always lived my life by is that struggle, although it sucks, makes us better people in the end. So try and look at this time as a moment for self-development or growth. Sure, it’s awful, and we complain, and yawn, and are worried, but in the end we come out knowing we endured and succeeded (hopefully). Most importantly, however, hopefully we come out with a sense of knowing what to do better next time. I’m not going to lie, I’m in third year and I still procrastinate, but I procrastinate DIFFERENTLY. I procrastinate by finding my sources early and writing papers a few days before, or setting up topics and meeting with professors in the first few weeks and doing assignments later. That way, I can still indulge in a bit of laziness, but I’m still prepared to work. At the very least, I’ve predetermined my direction, and that’s often the hardest part.

Anyway, that’s all for me: I’ve got a research paper to edit, haha. And hey, I bet you’ve got something to work on too, right? I’m not saying GET ON IT, I’m just saying think about getting on it. Don’t procrastinate, procrastiPLAN. I believe in you!

– Justin