How to find a Part-Time Job in North Bay

I moved to North Bay in 2013 when I started my first year at Nipissing University. Towards the end of my first year I realized that I wanted to stay here, therefore I needed to find a job so I can pay for rent and other annoying adult-ish things. I actually started applying at places as of November 2013, and didn’t end up getting anything until May 2014, despite my experience.

Why did it take me 5 months to find a job in North Bay? Here’s what I believe to be the 2 main reasons:

  • I didn’t make it abundantly clear in my cover letter that I was staying in North Bay for the summer (most retail/part-time jobs look for that when hiring, they want someone for the long haul)
  • Lack of “connections”. Knowing people is really important, so the more people you connect with in school and outside of school, the easier it will be to find a job

There are typical things that everyone should know when getting a job as a young adult/student, such as proper resumé format, proper interviewing techniques and how to write a cover letter as well. If you need help with this, go here.

What if you’re not staying here for the summer and still need some moolah? There are jobs offered at the school for students throughout the school year here. Also, many places especially larger stores like Walmart and Best Buy sometimes hire part-time staff just for the holiday season. This may mean that you may not get to go home and visit your family at Christmas, but it’s a sacrifice that sometimes has to be made for a paycheque. Also, you might just luck out! Some retail and part-time food positions will keep people on just for the 8 months you are in school, in which case, the sooner you apply the better, so you can become reputable at your workplace so they’ll want you to come back.

Here are a few more tips I have for students in North Bay looking for work:

  • There are a lot of people in the same position as you, looking for part-time work, so try to find something that sets yourself apart from the rest. Maybe you have specific experience volunteering or working that can be directly applied to working
  • Look online to see who is hiring, this is my favourite website I use. Apply online first and then hand in a resumé in person. Some places prefer online submissions and some prefer in-person submissions.
  • Ask people you’ve met from North Bay. They might just have a connection or two.

Also, I just happen to know of one place in the mall currently looking for part-time employees just for the holiday season (end of October until approx. end of January). Calendar Club (the booth that sells board games and calendars) is hiring. Hand in a resumé at Hallmark in the Northgate mall. Ask for “Kathryn”. Good Luck!

Don’t be afraid to get let down. Just keep at it for a while and something will come to you!

– Sarah