Get Inspired.

I have recently opened my eyes to the beauty of this world, and I think it is valuable for everyone to recognize the positivity in their lives.

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to receive an education and to apply my learning through various adventures in life.I am extremely blessed to be a Community Advisor at the Muskoka campus’ residence and to get the chance to connect to so many wonderful people. I am also very lucky to be a blogger and to have the ability to share my thoughts, advice, feelings, and to hopefully affect your lives in a better way.

I think we sometimes can take things for granted. Midterms. Tests. Assignments. Drama. The list goes on. Sometimes life seems so unfair, and don’t get me wrong—at times, it definitely can be.But we, as Lakers are SO lucky to get the education we receive and to create amazing opportunities for us that will affect our future.

I am writing this post in hopes that you get inspired somehow.

Whether it is through this small post, or whether it is listening to a certain song that changes you. It could be a movie, a book, a person, or even taking time to think about the things that are amazing in your life.

Whoever you are, I know you are amazing—I hope you know that.

With that, I challenge you to try and inspire someone else, or let him or her know that they are too, in fact amazing!

– Jessica