First Year as a Consecutive Student in the Revised Program

The first year at any school can be pretty daunting. It’s stressful enough having to adjust to new work loads, difficult subjects and new professor expectations without having to worry about fitting in…Add in the fact that I’m living away from home and you’ve got absolute chaos. Having said that, it makes sense that I thought I’d be needing counselling the minute I got to North Bay, to help me cope with living by myself for the first time. In my defence, I’m an only child and I’ve been coddled since birth, so I didn’t think I’d be the best at handling huge responsibilities.

Imagine my surprise when I started school and all was quiet on the western front; no breakdowns, no tears, I didn’t even miss home…I adjusted quickly, in part thanks to my roommates who were in the similar circumstances as me. We laughed through the first few (more difficult) nights, as one of my roommates shared stories with us about what it was like living in residence at the university of Toronto and I told them about what York was like.

Nipissing University Aerial View

Nipissing is just the kind of school I’ve always wanted to go to! Professors and fellow students are extremely kind, accepting, welcoming and always willing to help; it actually makes you feel like a member of the community who brings a significant contribution to the group. The library is also absolutely gorgeous which is a wonderful change from Scott Library at York which was always jam packed with students, making it absolutely impossible to find room to study at any time of day. The school work is also very different than what I’ve experienced while pursuing my honours BA at York. It’s surprisingly easy to do well in all courses, which is unheard of in big city schools and professors actually care about students and would personally do all they can to ensure students succeed in their courses. Now, I must state that I can only describe what it is like to be in the consecutive education program because that is all I have experienced…other programs may not adhere to the things I mention.

With all this in mind, I understand why I fit right in at NU. It’s hard to miss home when the campus at Nipissing is so beautiful. I live in Chancellor’s House so I’m right on the edge of the forest so it’s very peaceful all day long. It’s a welcome change from the hussle and bustle of city sounds. Newmarket isn’t too bad, by comparison to Toronto, and it used to be just as green as North Bay but the forests were cut down to make room for more and more houses, yet it is still much more populated than North Bay…

There is only one thing that York has which Nipissing is sort of lacking and that is lots of selection when it comes to clubs (of the extra curricular kind). Part of the reason for this is because bigger schools have more funding and have usually been around longer which also means they’ve accumulated a greater number of people who are willing to sponsor different programs to have their name publicized everywhere. Even with the lack of selection, I managed to find one club that I want to be a part. I’ve joined Nipissing first ever sorority, Alpha Gamma Phi. This sorority isn’t like the ones you see in movies. It’s all about charity work, collaborating with non-profit organizations like the Humane Society or the North Bay Breast Cancer Society. All in all, I’m extremely excited to see how being a member will help me in my goal of becoming a better citizen.

To conclude this post, I just want to say that I really couldn’t have chosen a better school to pursue my Ed program at. Here’s to a memorable year and new, lifelong friendships! #IBelong@NU