Keeping a Journal

Hey everyone! This summer I started keeping a journal. You can call it a diary or a daily reflection or whatever you want. I’ve tried doing this in the past because it’s supposed to be so good for your mental health but I never managed to stick with it. I figured out my problem before was that I was forcing myself to use the “Dear Diary” method. That was too much writing, too much commitment, too much effort and emotional reflection for me. What I started doing was using whatever style or method I felt like using that day. Some days I use the “Dear Diary” method, where I write about my day, my feelings, etc. Other days, I write bullet points of what I did throughout the day, which can consist of simple things like “school, sandwich for lunch, watched this movie.” There are nights that I can’t sleep because my brain is on overdrive but I’m too tired to get up and journal, so I go to my notes app on my phone and use the audio to text feature and just talk about whatever’s on my mind. Since I started doing this I’ve noticed I have less sleepless nights, more productive days (I want to write about an exciting day, not a boring one) and I’m calmer and happier overall. I highly suggest you give some form of journalling a try, it can take as little or as much time as you want and if you don’t put too much pressure on yourself about writing every single day, you shouldn’t have a problem with keeping it up. Happy journalling!

– Teri