Getting Back to Roots

Let’s face it. This past week has been stressful, not only for our students, but for anyone who is a member of our Nipissing Family. But that’s what I love about Nipissing in the first place, everyone who walks through those front doors we consider to be a part of our family. That’s why this week I chose to talk about the things that made our students chose Nipissing in the first place, and why people who become part of our family chose to stay.

Here is a list of my 10 favourite things about Nipissing University!

1. Harris Learning Library

Most schools have libraries, but our lets us have our Timmies in it. Not convinced yet? Not only does our library allow us a place to study while we have lunch, but it’s full of resources. They have just about everything there, computers, books, online resources, and even educational aids (yes… that includes puppets). As soon as you walk in the door the info desk if there to help. The library is a place for everyone. Don’t like noise? Our library has a silent room, where students are respectful to the fact that people in that particular room are there to focus. Like comfy couches? They got that covered! There are tons of lounging areas to get comfy and write that essay that’s due tomorrow (or Netflix, we don’t judge). The library also provides group study rooms that you can book ahead of time with your student card.

2. Athletic Centre

Our athletic center is defiantly something to be proud of. We have amazing varsity teams, intramurals and club, which everyone can get involved in. Our fitness center provides cardio and weight rooms along with squash courts, and many free fitness classes such as Zumba. Of course, we can’t forget about the living wall. Located near the center of the building, the wall provides fresh breathing air, making it an enjoyable place to be.

3. Close Community Feel

When I first visited Nipissing as a potential student, I thought it was huge. Compared to most high schools it is. But Nipissing is actually a small school compared to many other universities, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. With our maximum classroom size only holding 150-200 students, our average class size is 26 students. This means we get to know the people we go to school with. Many proffers will know you, and not just your student member, which is a huge benefit when it comes to getting extra help. There’s lots of benefits of going to a smaller university, such as the undergraduate research opportunities to work with your own proffers. You defiantly won’t find those types of opportunities at larger universities.

4. University Support – Registers & OSAP office & Academic Advising

As soon as you walk through the Nipissing entrance there are a few very important offices that all students will likely visit during their time on campus. The first one is the register’s office. Here students can book classrooms for group study of meeting rooms for clubs, see request to see completed exams, and be provided with official transcripts such as proof of enrolment. Many students rely on OSAP to get them through their education. With an OSAP office on campus students have the opportunity to talk to a real person and have and potential questions answered that they might have. This office also deals with Nipissing’s awards, bursaries, and multiple scholarships available such as our guaranteed entrance scholarships. One of the most helpful offices (in my opinion) is the academic advising office. Here student can book appointments or come in during drop-in hours to ensure that they are in track with their academic goals.

5. NUSU Services

NUSU- Nipissing University Student Union. These are the people that help ensure students are provided with the best university experience they can offer. They offer many services and events throughout the year, and make getting involved on campus easy with clubs days and NUSU crew.

One of the biggest services provided by NUSU is the Wall. Many parents are at first a little apprehensive at first that we have an on-campus pub. But with fun planned bar nights, and on campus security it is likely one of the safest places to be. Not only is The Wall a pub, but it also becomes a restaurant during the day, providing great food and good prices. The Wall has events for everyone including many dinner and a show nights complete with live music.

6. Transportation

Being away from family can be hard. But Nipissing makes it easier with multiple transportation services for students that makes getting around easy. Right outside the front doors we have bus stops were city buses will stop and for pick-up or drop-off for students. The best thing about this is that students can use the local city bus system for free as long as they show their student card. Traveling home is also made easy with the Ontario Northland stopping outside the school. If that option is too expensive for students, Nipissing also has an unofficial Nipissing Carpools Facebook page were student can connect with other students travelling to help save money.

7. Services provided right on Campus

There are many beneficial services that are provided to student’s right on campus. University Technology Services for example can help with renting equipment, obtaining student cards, and helping the electronical problems. Being an Apple certified school this office also serves as an Apple Care Centre. The security office on campus is a fast place to obtain parking passes, and provide on campus safety with the use of safety phones and the campus walk program. Nipissing also has an on-campus health center that compliment NUSU health plans, and provide medical attention for students. But of course we are also extremely lucky to have a full size hospital right down the street from us.

8. Office of Student Development and Services

This office provides so many amazing services it deserves its own bullet point. The office of Student Development and Services provides mentors, peer tutors, transition services, personal counseling services, accessibility services. They can also help with academic skills, international study abroad options and can talk about off-campus living.

9. Canadore Collage

Many students at Nipissing consider the students at Canadore to be part of our large extended family. For me, this can’t be more true. Having an identical twin sister attend college in the same building as my University has made things interesting. To this day I still have a couple of conversations with people who I’m sure think I am my sister. Canadore doesn’t only offer more family, it offers more options. Speaking as a Criminal Justice student, I know that many people in my program have the option to attend Canadore for their last year so that they receive a diploma along with their degree. I’m sure that many other universities can’t offer this same experience within the same building.

10. It’s Beautiful

In how many universities can you look out the window and see a beautiful pond right outside? Students can walk outside along our pond that gives environmental students real nature to study, and continue their journey with over 20 km of trails that lead right to Duchaney falls. These trails provide students with the opportunity for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.