BBA Specializations Galore

Hello prospective Business students, my name is Markus Hawco – a third-year Bachelor of Business Administration student with streams in Marketing and Economics. Before I start I would like to encourage and congratulate you on thinking about business at Nipissing University; it is a group of warm, encouraging professors who push you to be leaders of the private sector.

When you choose to come to Nipissing, you are going to hear people asking “what stream are you in” to which you will reply and get the response “oh that’s an awful stream” or “where are the jobs in that?” Let me tell you something you don’t discover until near the end of your undergrad: it doesn’t matter! The streams are just a way for you to get passionate about a field and for you to know what you want in the private sector.

For instance, many people choose the Accounting stream to work towards their CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) – it is a designation for you to work as an accountant. Yes, you will be taking classes that train you for this designation, but anyone can work towards this designation. You can work on the modules after school and you do not need a degree in the field of accounting. The same goes for Human Resources stream and working to the CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) designation. All of these are attainable without stream specifics.

So what should you do? Follow a stream you are passionate about, something that interests you. If you do a stream that you enjoy not only will you get higher marks, but you’ll retain that info and can apply it in the workplace. A personal story: in first year I was so dead-set on Economics that I hated and refused to listen during Marketing class. Now I am in the Marketing stream and regret not listening intently.

All I can say is change the thinking of streams, people worry that they didn’t pick the right stream and that others have more use. They all are useful, regardless of employment in the future you will always need marketing, human resources, technology, accounting or economics whether its minute or large it doesn’t matter. Take as wide a variety of classes as possible, then choose a stream to add to the degree title.

I hope this helps calm some fears of first years and prospective students

– Markus