An Upper-Year’s Guide to Staying Productive

Nipissing students, in recent events, have had a lot of time on their hands. Sometimes this is good and can get inspiration flowing or allow for a breather in an otherwise hectic life, or other times it may lead to a slump and a lack of productivity. As an upper year student, I’ve experience both the inspiring and the lack-luster breaks and have developed a handy list to help keep you motivated and productive all the way through yours!

  • Create a master list
    • Lists are good for a lot of things like groceries, shopping, chores… who knew they could be useful for planning time? My advice; whenever you have a large chunk of time make a list of everything that is due or has to be done when the break is over. Visualizing tasks helps you remember that they are still there and will serve as a constant reminder to get motoring.
  • Schedule your time
    • Now that you have an idea of everything you need to do, you can now plan for when you’re going to do it. To get the best results, it’s important to be reasonable with how you manage your time so you don’t overwhelm yourself or set unrealistic goals. For example, if you have a week off, try to block off at least an hour everyday to start on your homework and assignments; before the weeks over you’ll be surprised at how much work you got done.
  • Keep moving
    • I know watching Netflix all day is tempting, but in order to stay on top of things you have to have an active lifestyle; this could be active in the sense of exercise, or active in the sense that you are doing something else productive. Why not try volunteering? It’s a lot easier once you’re already in an active state of mind to start tasks than when you’re vegging out.
  • Maintain a good balance
    • That is not to say that you can’t veg out – just be wise with your time. If you’re on a break – by all means take a break! Just remember to maintain a good balance between work and play.

Now that you know my secrets to staying on top of things… I hope you have a great and productive winter break!

– Kristen